Vendula continues to make extremely good results

Vendula has had an amazing season with 11th position on WOC Middle and now also a 7th place as her best result on the worldcup.

What has been the key to your success? – we asked her.

”It’s a bit hard to say what was decesive but it all came well together. I was truly looking forward to this forest season and to compete on a top level in forest again. So my head was well prepared for those challenges.

I also think I had a good physical preparation. It started with a great training camp with Malung in Tenerife in February. And we had a very good two weeks in Livigno with a part of the Czech o-team in June before WOC. I think that was the main key why I felt strong in uphill running and used that well in the race yeasterday.

I was quite dissapointed after the WOC long distance race because I knew my capacity for long is somewhere else and I am truly happy I proved it yeasterday on a home ground. I also knew in all races, especially WOC middle, that I can rely on my o-technique and I am happy that I delivered it in the day D on WOC middle and brought home my second best indvidual result. Overall, it’s one of my best seasons and I think it’s because I focused on what I love to do – to do orienteering and not on results. That might be my key.”

In this world cup she also had company from Janca. She was 59th in the sprint distance (her best result in this world cup) and also Daniel helping the Swedich team. He was on the team as a expert for czech terrains. So his main goal was to prepare the runners for the forest disciplines. It seems that it worked good.

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